Away From Keyboard

afkHello, world. I wasn’t able to meet my deadline of posting every Saturday even though I have written a couple of posts ahead of time. They have not been completely polished yet so I want to continue to work on them before I post them for you to read. Instead, I thought today that I would post some updates on what is going on with me and free write instead.

The main reason I wasn’t able to post is because I actually picked up a side job! A year or 2 ago, I took ballet at the Jackson School of the Arts just for something fun to do. Since I graduated college I have been feeling really idle and feeling idle makes me depressed. I also wanted to get a good workout, and I know in order to feel motivated to work out, you have to do something that you’re interested in. For me, I also need a classroom setting because I know that I am expected on a certain day and a certain time, not just whenever I feel like it (I never feel like working out!!) and also having peers around me makes me work harder because I don’t want to be seen as weak. If I’m trying to do 100 crunches at home, I’m going to stop after 25 or so because at that point it’s become uncomfortable and no one is there to see me fail.

Anyway, I stopped going to ballet after a while because I completely stunk at it. I love dance so much that for some reason I thought I would have an automatic aptitude for it. I didn’t. I also joined in the middle of the year, and these students were planning a recital! No, thank you!!

Lately I have been wanting to “get back to the barre” as they say, but I didn’t want to pay the $35 a month because I’m trying to grow my net worth here! I heard on a podcast, I wish I could remember which one now, that if you want to go to take a class or join a gym, to offer to volunteer your time in exchange for free classes or gym time. I decided to send a message out and see what would happen.

Lo and behold, 3 weeks later I get a response and now I have a PAYING position that fits perfectly with my schedule. I should be able to put an additional $200-400 toward debt because of this blessing. But, because of it you may not see my posts STRICTLY on Saturdays.

Next weekend will be a Net Worth Update! I’m really looking forward to it, especially since I know now some more concrete numbers. Last month some of the assets I reported were only very rough guesses, so this month’s gain will probably be skewed but I’m excited to see what a more accurate net worth looks like; and then we can look at accurate growth together!

Talk again soon!


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