Avoiding Burnout: Find Your Happy Place

If you were to know me in person (or “IRL” as my daughter says on Instagram), you would know that I am extremely detail oriented. I have a list for everything, and a schedule for just about everything. I’ve been that way since I was a child with notebook paper:

3:45pm – Get home from school

4:00pm – Watch Full House, start working on homework

Etc. etc.

I’m not kidding. I still have a “Get Home” Schedule today. And a weekly dinner rotation schedule. And a daily 15 minute deep cleaning schedule. These schedules can sometimes be hard to stick to because there are days that I just don’t want to stop vegging out on the sofa scrolling through Facebook. That’s probably some type of Chore Burnout. There is a Debt Repayment Burnout as well, and some recurring advice I see for that burnout is to surround yourself with inspirational reinforcement.

I have a handy dandy unit which helps keep me from Chore Burnout and Debt Repayment Burnout. I had my husband install an under-the-counter media player which I absolutely cannot live without.


You can find yours here: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ilive-Ikb333s-Under-Cabinet-Bluetooth-r-Digital-Radio/41074191

While I clean house I jam out to 1995 Spring Break Radio on Pandora, while I’m waiting for my husband’s regular on his way home from work phone call I play some mellow Sam Smith Radio, and while I’m cooking dinner, doing dishes, or packing lunches I’m listening to Personal Finance Podcasts!

Do you have that one friend that really gets you motivated to look at your bills, pay off debt, improve your credit score, and finally get ahead? If you are my “IRL” friend, that’s probably me! But, if you don’t have a “me” in your life (sadly) here are some great podcasts you can listen to.

  1. Martinis and Your Money
    1. Shannon McLay invites guests to drink martinis and have slightly tipsy discussions on all things money. I have gotten serious cases of the giggles listening to this show, especially with the Happy Hour Ladies who get in to all sorts of topics to keep even the not-so-money obsessed person enthralled. I have also had the absolute daylights scared out of me when a guest convinced me to log in to my student loan account and see what I owed after 4 years of forbearance and the Income Based Repayment Plan. And now, here we are!
  2. The His and Her Money Show
    1. Talaat and Tai McNeely have a wonderful, well laid out show here where they regularly interview people who have achieved debt freedom and ask the person every question that you would want to ask if you were there to ask it. My absolute favorite question is, “What book suggestions do you have for our listeners?” This is when I lunge for my dish towel, dry off my hands, hit the pause button, open my iPhone notepad (I told you, a note for everything!) and quickly take down their suggestions. At a later time, I look the book up on Amazon and see if it’s something I’m interested in.


Financial Rock Star

  1. Scott Alan Turner is the first personal finance podcast that I started listening to. He takes reader submitted questions, reads them on air and gives an answer. It really is great for getting your own questions answered, and exercising your personal finance muscles as you try to answer what other people have asked and see if he gives the same answer as you. Super fun! Riker and Jake are okay, too.

Some books I have greatly enjoyed is Dear Debt by Melanie Lockert. I found her on Martinis and Your Money as she is one of the Happy Hour Ladies. She chronicles her journey getting out of debt and writes debt a letter at the end of each chapter. It’s really great to read how her attitude toward debt changes as she frees herself from its grip. She also blogs at deardebt.com. Be sure to give her a follow!

I have also read 99 Minute Millionaire by Scott Alan Turner which I regularly return to, to read all the highlights I have all over it. There are great pearls of wisdom everywhere in that book!

I really enjoyed Millionaire Next Door. This book is super enlightening because it is a study done of millionaires and what they drive, how they spend their money and surprise – It’s not like you might think! Spoiler: Those who have money don’t feel the need to flaunt the fact that they have money. I just love modesty for this reason. They also have a formula for what they call UAWs (Under Accumulators of Wealth *raises hand*) and PAWs (Prodigious Accumulators of Wealth). Using this formula, in order for me to be a PAW I would need a Net Worth of about $109,624.32 but we all know my Net Worth is -$67,325! What is that, even? A Super UAW? Don’t worry, I’ll get there by leaps and bounds. Or maybe by $25s and $50s, but I’ll get there. I hope you’ll join me!


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