First blog post

The date was October 4th, 2016. I had been thinking about doing this for a while. I’m an Accounting graduate and had always been interested in net worth and how it would apply to families, and so after listening to a podcast that recommended monthly budget meetings or “Money Dates” I decided to actually crunch our numbers and see where we really stood.

We are probably lower middle class currently. We don’t live paycheck to paycheck, we don’t live beyond our means (or so I thought). We always have enough money to pay our bills with some surplus at the end of the month. We never pay anything late, so we of course thought we were doing fine! We could donate to charity, help family and friends with emergency expenses, who knew we had a problem? I thought we might.

We truly felt we were doing fine: we have a mortgage, sure but our home is modest and we don’t owe 6 figures on it…. okay it’s also not WORTH 6 figures (yet!). We make smart money choices and fully research the pros and cons of large purchases…. Now. It wasn’t always that way, and in fact we are still paying the price of dumb decisions made out of desperation. I will explain more in future blog posts when there is more time and you are more invested in our story.

Back to the evening of October 4, 2016. Ladies and gentlemen, our Net Worth:


I will be making posts every Saturday giving you either more background information, our wins for the week, maybe some fails along the way, and then every first Saturday of the month (or maybe the 2nd depending on where the Saturdays fall – I need time to pay the bills and get updated balances!) I’ll update the Net Worth for the month.

Please join me in our journey to becoming Net Worth Positive!




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